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The Amazing Spencer Gray (Fremantle Press, 2013)

Spencer Gray is twelve – finally old enough to join Dad in his glider. His mates are going to be so jealous!

Going up is awesome.  Spencer can’t believe they’re actually there; can’t believe he and his dad are flying in an aircraft with no engine high above the earth, the paddocks green and yellow squares below them. Crazy.

And, as it turns out, it is.

When disaster strikes the glider mid-flight, Spencer will need to be nothing short of amazing.


Have you seen Ally Queen? (Fremantle Press, 2011)

Ally Queen is fifteen, flat-chested and totally trapped in a tiny coastal town where the killer pythons are stale and there are only three types of people: bogans, surfies and spinach-munching hippies. How could her parents have ever thought moving to Melros was a good idea?

With her best friend miles away, and deep-and-meaningfuls only as long a text message, it’s a bad time for Ally to be having a personality crisis. She’s torn between who she is and who she wants to be. No wonder she doesn’t have a boyfriend — unless you count the irritating guy on the school bus who seems to be keen on her.

But first impressions can be deceptive.


90 packets of instant noodles (Fremantle Press, 2010)

Joel and Craggs are in it together. They drink booze together, they flirt with petty theft together and, when Craggs turns violent, they face the consequences together too.

That’s until Joel’s dad makes a deal with the police. Craggs is off to juvenile detention and Joel to solitary confinement.

Ninety days of fending for himself in a remote bush shack with no music, no mobile, no mates. Miles from anywhere, Joel starts to like his own company, till one day the past tracks him down. Craggs is on his doorstep and he hasn’t changed a bit.



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